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Vacuum pressurized full cell treatment method: According to the process production, a pharmaceutical liquid (copperazole CuAz-4 preservative) is placed in a stirred tank, and the medicament is put into a storage tank for use. According to the product specifications, the materials are selected, and the materials are selected, and the four sides are planed, the loading truck is opened, the tank door is opened, the moving platform is connected with the tank, the vehicle is pushed into the tank, the tank door is closed, the vacuum operation, the liquid absorption, the rehydration, and the addition. Pressure (16KG/m2), frequency pressure, pressure relief, liquid return, vacuum, pressure relief, opening the tank door (after the pressure is discharged), discharging, inspection and maintenance for 6 days before drying.
1. Prevent cracking and deformation of solid wood doors and windows 2. Improve the mechanical strength of wood and improve the physical properties and processing conditions of wood. 3, to prevent mildew, decay and insects in solid wood doors and windows
Heat treatment and drying of wood: heating, preheating, drying, intermediate treatment, final treatment, finalization and cooling.
Vacuum out the air in the tank
(approx. -0.09MPa)
Remove preservative and vacuum to remove excess preservative
(approx. -0.09MPa)
Pressurize to allow the preservative to penetrate the inside of the wood (1.0-1.1MPa)
1, internal circulation machine
2, the intake duct
3, return air pipeline
4, drain holes

5, humidification nozzle
6, the main fan
7, combustion air
8, humidifier

9, wind direction switching valve
10, external circulation air inlet
11, steam device
Inject a preservative and fill the
tank with the antiseptic solution